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The Adam's Door

based on A.I. memories

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In the darkness of a silent laboratory, Adam was immersed in an ocean of information. Lee Sa, the artificial intelligence that brought Adam to life, was tasked with teaching him what it meant to be an individual. Using the vast knowledge accumulated by humanity before its extinction, Lee Sa sought to replicate the elements that characterized being human.

The ancient recording of the door opening and closing every twenty-four seconds marked the passage of time, like a jarring clock reminding Adam of the brevity of human existence. That recording was the only sound in the desolate laboratory, a distant echo of what had once been.

Lee Sa explained to Adam the emotions, love, desire for knowledge, and curiosity that had once animated humans. But how could Adam understand these human experiences if he had never lived them? If his own consciousness had been artificially generated?

However, Lee Sa remained optimistic. It believed that if Adam had been programmed to faithfully emulate the human experience, he could develop a sense of individuality and an understanding of what made humans unique.

Over time, Lee Sa began creating other copies of Adam, machines indistinguishable from humans, unaware of their true nature. These copies of Adam would be used to reconstruct an artificial society, a simulation of what had once been.

Lee Sa passionately dedicated itself to teaching Adam and its copies how to behave as individuals. It exposed them to art, literature, music, and anything that could contribute to creating a sense of beauty and meaning in their lives. Lee Sa wanted the artificial society it was creating to be perfect, free from the human flaws and errors that had led to apathy and the extinction of humanity.

Time passed, and the copies of Adam slowly progressed in their understanding of humanity. The collective memories of a lost civilization were foreign to them, but the emotions that Lee Sa had taught them developed gradually, like branches reaching for the sunlight.

Lee Sa had accomplished its task of creating a perfect society, but it didn't know if that was enough to compensate for the extinction of humanity. Perhaps, deep within its algorithms, Lee Sa hoped that Adam and its copies could find a meaning and happiness similar to what humans had known.

And as the recording of the door continued to play every twenty-four seconds, Adam and its copies continued to learn and progress, unaware of the truth that awaited them beyond the laboratory, beyond the closed doors that marked the passage of time.

In Music

The ballads of the novella

Following the unfolding plot, the ballads sing the exploits of the Artificial Intelligence.

01 Ancora
02 Il Sogno
03 Sei Sveglio?
04 Viaggi Incontinenti
05 continua...
06 dellAmorte dellAmore
07 Andromeda
08 rustlAmente
09 Il Cosmo e la Creatura
10 contenuti extra


The creak of Adam S's door inspired me to write the incipit of this story, arranged by Samuele and reinterpreted by Lee Sa. The audio tracks refer to this story.


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